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The BD40 Low Profile Biodiesel Processor Kit

The BD40 low profile biodiesel processor is capable of producting 250 gallons of ASTM spec biodiesel every 8 hours.


Your BD40 Low Profile will be shipped with everything you need to get started, you just need to supply the waste veggie oil and Methanol.


Your new BD40 Low Profile will be built with our NEW Control panel. It will feature a 6 hour master timer switch as well as a timer for processing and Methanol Flash for the highest possible fuel quality.


BD40 Low Profile
(250 Gallons Per Day)




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Features of the BD40LP Biodiesel Processor:


80 Gallon Preheat Tank with 4500 Watt Stainless Steel Element.
Galvanized Removable Dust Covers for Both the Preheat Tank and the Settlement Tank.
130 Gallon Settlement Tank with 5500 Watt Stainless Steel Element for Methanol Flash.
Fuse Protected Circuitry with UL Approved Control Panel.
Timer Controlled Processor.
Two ½ HP Pumps.
75 Gallon Spill Containment Pallet.
10KG Freedom Clean Dry Wash Tower.
Each Processor Is Shipped Fully Assembled, Tested, and Ready to Run.

Each BD40LP is Shipped with the following items:

10KG Freedom Clean
Dry Wash Tower
55# Bag of Potassium Hydroxide
2x50ML Beakers
2xGlass Stirring Rods
2x3ML Syringe
2x10 ML Syringe
2 OZ Phenolphthalein
2x5 Gallon Carboy Jugs
1x55 Gallon Methanol Siphon Pump

1x Bottle of Isopropynol
1x Qt 1% KOH Solution

Requirements for the BD40LP Biofuel Kit:

240 Volt, Single Phase with 4 prong outlet (Standard 4 Wire Range Plug)
Allow 36 Square Feet of Floor Space for Operation
40 Gallons of Waste Vegetable Oil




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