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BD65AF - Animal Fat Biodiesel Processor

BD65AF Commercial Animal Fat Biodiesel Processor

(250-450 Gallons Per Day)



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First we start with a stock BD65 biodiesel processor with all the current listed



To process rendered animal fat from this biodiesel kit, we add the following items to the BD65.


1-18 gallon pre-filter transfer tank with 1000 watt heater.


400 degree F rated 3GPM pump and 10 ft High Temp hose with brass cam locks.


The bottom of the BD65 Processor Pre-Heat/De-Watering tank is fitted with 2 – 1000 watt heaters and 1- 50 watt drain valve heater.


To additional heaters are installed on the piping; 1 – 50 watt, and 1 – 100 watt to prevent the rendered animal fat from solidifying in the plumbing of the processor.


The electrical control panel has been modified to control the auxiliary Pre-Heat/De-Watering tank heaters separately from the main 5500 watt heater to prevent overheating of the oil.


There is also a separate switch for controlling the plumbing heat; plumbing heat is only required to run for 5 minutes prior to filling the processor.


The 18 gallon pre-filter/transfer tank requires 120 volt/single phase.

The processor requires the same voltage as a standard BD65; 240 volt/single phase with 50 amp service.




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