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Freedom Clean Media


For dry washing your Biodiesel Fuel in your tower or in our dry wash tower.


Our 15 KG bag of Freedom Clean Dry Wash Media will Dry Wash up to 2700 gallons of biofuel with a flow rate in our single pass tower of 2½ GPM.

Spent media is biodegradable. It can also be used as fuel in a wood burner, delivering up to 19,000 BTU’s per spent kilogram.

Our quality control measures ensures Uniform Size, delivering more filtering surface area.


Excellent packing quality, and low dust when changing media.

Fast, efficient and MADE IN U.S.A.


* Please contact us for specifications, and flow rate if using in a tower other than U.S. Freedom Bio Fuel’s.


Freedom Clean Dry Wash Media


Freedom Clean Media

  • 15 KG bag
  • $135.00/bag


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