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biodiesel lab equipment

Biodiesel Lab Supplies

dispoable safty gloves

Disposable Safety Gloves
If your making Biodiesel, you are working with some strong chemicals, as well as some of the slickest, smelliest stuff I have ever experienced. Protect your hands with our Disposable Safety Gloves.


Size Large
100 per box.
$8.72 per box


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glass stirring rods

Glass Stirring Rods (3 Pack)
3 Pack


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digital chemical scale

Digital Chemical Scale
Perfect for accurately measuring your chemicals. Features include: Tare button, deducts the weight of your container for accurate measure. Maximum capacity 11LBS/5000G
Automatic Shut Off
Low Power Alarm
AC/DC Power
4 “AA” Batteries to operate on DC
Sealed buttons to prevent damage from spills

Brand is subject to change.



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50 ml pyrex beakers

50 ML Pyrex Beakers
3 Pack


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3 ml syringe
3 ML Syringe (3 Pack)



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10 ml syringe
10 ML Syringe (3 Pack)



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