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Biodiesel Production Equipment For
The Commercial End User.

Dear Diesel Owner,


Several years ago I began searching for a commercial bio diesel processor so we could make our own fuel to keep our diesel equipment running in the face of rising fuel prices.



John Harrod - CEO & Founder US Freedom BioFuels


Give yourself the competitive edge; with our optional Freedom Methanol Recovery System you will be producing your own Bio diesel for $0.51 per gallon. Let’s pretend you need 500 gallons of diesel fuel per week to run your business. At current diesel fuel rates, that would save you $1700 per week, or $81,600 your first year!


If you’re controlling your fuel cost by producing your own biofuel and your competitors aren’t, who wins? And I bet you can think a dozen ways to spend the extra new found $81,600 of profit.



Here's live chart of current crude oil prices.



Making your own biofuel will eliminate the energy criss. It’s much easier to run your business when you know what your energy cost will be month to month.


Making your own fuel has become our passion and mission. We're on a mission to reduce our National dependency on foreign oil at the grass roots level, and give local businesses a competitive edge in today’s uncertain economy.


Stop the uncertainty, stop the roller coaster ride. Don’t be held hostage by foreign oil, and the oil speculators - get all your questions answered, visit our manufacturing facility, call us, we look forward to speaking with you. Then put an end to your foreign oil dependency with your own U.S. Freedom biodiesel kit.





commercial biodiesel processor

John Harrod